REVIEWS of How to Make Trinket Boxes

1. Review by Beachgirl

5 Star Rating

Reviewed in the Canada on May 6, 2024

Short and sweet

This is honestly the shortest how-to book I've ever read - yet the author really pulls it off! All about how to create trinket boxes from scavenged wood, the author breaks it down into steps and clarifies what to do.


2. Review by SY214

3 Star Rating 

Reviewed in the United States on 2024

Interesting Lessons

It would have been nice if the this book was longer than 24 double space lining, as page count inevitably becomes 12 pages.


3. Review by Team Chang

5 Star Rating 

Reviewed in the United States on May 7 , 2024

From Garden Scraps to Gorgeous Crafts: Discover the Art of Upcycling with Ease

I recently stumbled upon a delightful little gem of a book that turns traditional gardening on its head by transforming garden waste into beautiful crafts. Before you think about tossing away those tree branches or garden off cuts, this book shows you how to repurpose them into charming trinket boxes and more, with just a few basic tools and a bit of creativity.
What really captivates about this book is its unusual take on what most would consider yard waste. The narrative is infused with personal anecdotes and insightful tips that make each project feel accessible and engaging. For instance, the story about experimenting with poison ivy wood, which turns out to be surprisingly light and aesthetically pleasing, adds a twist that's both educational and intriguing.
This book isn't just a manual; it's an invitation to explore and create. The step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow, accompanied by beautiful illustrations that not only guide but inspire. Whether you're a teen looking for a new project or someone older seeking a rewarding hobby, this book promises hours of engaging craft-work.
The most enjoyable parts for me were the detailed illustrations and the transformation of simple materials into something truly beautiful. Each page motivates you not just to create but to see the potential in the everyday. This book would make a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys hands-on activities and wants to learn a unique, creative skill that produces real, beautiful results. 


4. Review by SR Waldheim

5 Star Rating

Recensito in Italia il 8 maggio 2024

Interesting and particular

Nice little book on a very narrow topic, but I like carpentry and this is a neat way to discover the various uses and qualities of a variety of woods one might find around their property. I found the author's use of a poison ivy root interesting, particularly that it was light weight wood.


5. Review by Mark Kadoshnikov

5 Star Rating

Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2024

The perfect gift for the woodworker in the family

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Not only because it had instructions that helped me understand how to build a wooden jewelry box, but because it took me on a journey with the Author. The author explained how he obtained his wood, how he cherished it, and how he turned it into something beautiful. It was beautiful and inspiring. This is no mere "jewelry box making" instruction book, it's a book on life and how we should cherish the things important to us, in life and in death. (although the offer never said any of those things, that's what I took away from it.)


6. Review by DJ Reader

3 Star Rating

Reviewed in the United States on May 11, 2024

A nice short book on using scrap wood for a creative project

This is a very simple little book on creating boxes that I enjoyed. However, it would really take a step up with more illustrations and photos of the process from start to finish. The boxes pictured were beautiful, and the descriptions of how to assemble the different pieces were fairly good, but still left a lot to the imagination. I felt like a step-by-step illustration would help the reader be much more successful. But overall it was a nice book on using pieces of scrap wood for something very creative.