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 1.  Review by Kayleigh Perumal for Readers' Favorite        5 Star Rating

Hack Your Flights: Complete Guide to Everything Air Travel by P. A. Brown is a manual that provides travelers with valuable suggestions and tips for navigating their domestic and international journeys. The book is a helpful tool for those who travel frequently, as well as for those who are just starting. Traveling, both locally and overseas, is usually a stressful endeavor. Brown condenses the most useful advice about airline travel into one simple and comprehensive guide. The author covers packing effectively, managing children while flying, sleeping at the airport, finding out how to get the cheapest flight, and the best apps and search engines to use.

P. A. Brown employs a writing style that is educational yet uncomplicated. This, along with the relaxed tone, makes the book easy to follow and highly accessible. Each chapter is organized using simple headings that enable the reader to sift through the information quickly to find what they are looking for. Hack Your Flights is undoubtedly a must-have when preparing for any journey. However, the book’s best feature by far is its attention to detail. Brown is extremely thorough and offers readers practical advice on acquiring the appropriate travel documents, using layovers to their advantage, and securing the best airline. The inclusion of the best travel apps and websites, such as Google Flights, Klook Travel, and Skyscanner, means that you are equipped and well-prepared with the most up-to-date resources for your flight. Consider this your passport to a trouble-free flight and a seamless landing.

1.  Review by Edith Wairimu for Readers' Favorite           5 Star Rating
P. A. Brown’s resourceful travel guide, Hack Your Flights: Complete Guide to Everything Air Travel, is packed with useful tips and strategies for first-time and seasoned travelers. As air travel becomes more complex and dynamic, travelers are constantly looking out for new information that will simplify and reduce the
cost of their travel. The guide offers this information and begins by debunking common myths about flying. It explains how travelers can prepare for departure, how to navigate flight layovers, and includes tips about traveling with children. Travel tips for people with disabilities are also included. Brown explores air travel costs, budgeting, and financing options. He examines the reasons why airlines bump passengers and what travelers can do in such a scenario. He explains how travelers can track ticket prices and discusses the differences between various airlines.
Covering over twenty topics that pertain to air travel, this guide is the perfect companion for travelers looking for advice about any aspect of traveling by plane. The tips offered are budget-friendly, practical, and accessible to any person regardless of their experience. I liked that the guide is timely with up-to-date content that includes travel apps and sites for reserving seats, packing tips,
flight searches, finding deals, and more. Brown infuses humor into the book, making the discussions interesting and lively. The tips offered can be utilized by any traveler regardless of their location. Hack Your Flights by P. A. Brown is a comprehensive and helpful guide for navigating the intricate and ever-changing world of air travel. It is a must-read for all travelers.